Awakening.  The word brings to mind the softly emerging light of dawn breaking into sunlight that splits the deep darkness of night’s final hour. Then comes the celebration of birdsong and the gradual effulgent emergence of the visible. The awakening of consciousness may occur likewise in a series of sequential changes in your life. Or these changes can be brought on suddenly by circumstantial catalysts of various kinds that are startling, painful or shocking! These may shake your foundations and touch you at your deepest core. These changes often facilitate what is referred to as a “wake up call”. On the other hand, the view of a beautiful sunrise or other event in nature might move us to a depth of feeling unknown before. Many are intentionally practicing meditation and other sacred art forms which bring about awakening. Awakening brings inspiration to each one of us as a human being on a life journey. Awakening experiences challenge the constraints of our usual reality boundaries. They bring us into contact with something greater than ourselves and our sufferings, something of a universal or divine nature or a very deep sense of peace and grace. As human beings, we have been on a journey of awakening since time immemorial. We will continue to do so on into the future although it is barely noticeable. The evolution of consciousness proceeds slowly.

In 10,000 years humanity will look back at us and think about us in many ways, the same as we think today about our ancient ancestors of 10,000 years ago. We’ve gone from hunter gatherer to fact gatherer with a cerebral cortex, a detector of forces and energies, a faculty that has become our record of the knowledge of nature and technologies.  Awakening consciousness is happening now in a significant way because as a civilization we have come to a crossroads where we understand our survival as a species is at stake and we are sensing something else about ourselves. As we awaken we are realizing the far reach of our intuitive sense which is emerging to replace the more ancient instinctual patterns of consciousness based in fear. Our intuitiveness is becoming more and more trajectory and receptive. It is our capacity to connect heart to heart, to have the knowledge of what it is to “walk a mile in his shoes”, to understand the times with compassion instead of misunderstanding them through judgment.  

The awakening is coinciding with the advent of sophisticated communications and the fact that you can connect anywhere in the world and get any kind of information with the push of a button. The next epoch of time we are entering has been called an age of truth and it is getting more and more difficult to hide information. There is also an information overload that is driving us to use that deeper faculty of mind. We are becoming less hungry for knowledge and more so for an experience of a different quality of being alive.
Today, the greater percentage of our present world inhabitants are not awake to the deeper realities of life or our human potential to have joy and pursue positive, constructive creativity on the planet together. The drives to positions of power, cunning, envy, jealousy, lust, anger, greed, judgment and many other states of consciousness bring only great burden and sorrow to the heart. These states of consciousness and the snowballing kinds of experiences and circumstances they create become so unbearable that incrementally, just like the break of dawn, we surrender and awaken more to the light of our better nature. The hammer of becoming more conscious is unrelenting, requiring that we continue to awaken. Awakening consciousness begins with the awareness that you must overcome your own worst enemy, you. The more you awaken the question becomes less and less of “what’s going to happen to me?” to “how can I serve this life and the people around me?” The question and the thoughts and actions that follow become the measure of awakening.