(Kundalini Mother Power)

Kundalini (soul) is the potential energy of consciousness that is you, consciousness that becomes grounded, gravitating into existing, into being, into gathering the experiences by being alive. Within your own body and through lifetimes (or the genetic memory if you prefer) She ignites in the subtlest body of your being, the nervous system, interacting and interrelating within your physical form, recessed in transmission and reception of (your) consciousness and in relationship to your environs. When She has had enough of experience and is finished journeying through the tattvas (earth, water, fire air, ethers), She (Soul) seeks her polarity, the Unmanifest, the Divine ...the quantum field, the clear light, the heavens, so called the "Beloved" also called Kundalini. This is the essence of Tantra. In this world the Kundalini comes to go. She is connected with eternity. When the freedom of consciousness is attained She may merge with her Divine Beloved, ecstatic in freedom and adventure. With freedom comes choice and she may return to assist the liberation of others.

Sweet mystery of the joyous Light of Self. The Star of the tree of Life.

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