Yoga of Sound

   PAVAN “lord of the wind” 
  we honor you for the gifts of prana 
   which are devotion and an open heart  
As yogis, we practice Pranayama, yogic breathing, and here is one of the reasons we do. Praana flows and goes in and out for udyaana one of the vayus or life energy streams located in the head.The udyaana vayu gives us speech. Speech is based on root sounds. Sound is laya, the weave and layering of thought and/or mind impressions. Your being is for the most part,the weave and layering of your thoughts and your speech. The laya of thought/ speech (inner talk) works the same as the laya of audible speech but thought is more subtle. If there is no prana, the brain starts to die and speech diminishes.  But let’s say a person can’t audibly produce speech. Even a deaf mute will engage in the inner imagining of sound.  When sound and thought occur in a group in proximity the group is immersed in a sea of many individual’s contribution in thought wave and resonance to that sea, such as when people are gathered at a family get together. There is a mix of audible and unspoken frequency occurring. We affect each other, we impact each other and the greater world in this way through our inner talk and our audible speech.

Sacred sound has been on the planet since time immemorial. Mantra for its particular root sounds of joy and peace produce the elevated mind states associated with an open heart, healing and enlightenment. Sound grids occur in the earth's energy field like waves on the sea and dissolve as others emerge. At this time many grids and their resonances are on their way out as they are no longer relevant.  It is an epoch change and there is a greater universal cyclic change occurring as well. Newly emerging resonance is precipitating. Your resonance, (inner talk, thought, emotions)  will attract the same. You will find that old programming  on the new grid will not fly. Without change you will find yourself  stuck only in the main stream of resonance and the ancestral drone. Without the harmonic and attunement the inner talk of kindness, joy or peace in your inner realm is hard to come by. It’s fortunate to find the meditative ways of laya yoga and devotional utterances, or mantra for their many energetic grids such as those that help you overcome anger or imbibe more courage and cleanse the mind.

Under conscious control, breathing in (the life force), aapana (eliminative force), and udyaana give you good health. It is said that the highest point of speech or that kind of inner talk is the joy of it in union with the Divine the source of mantras and chanting. To have speech, one must have the faculty of the tongue which holds the potential of ecstasy. The tongue is the ecstatic organ of the higher mind and body. It touches meridian points and the teeth with the potential to vitalize the glands of the brain which produce the chemicals that give mood and behavior. The tongue and vocal chords arise from the thyroid which is the gland that is involved in physical and psychic growth and change. Mantra is based on the knowledge of the permutation and organization of root sounds. Consider the tongue when it is resonating root sounds. Liken it to the tip of the inner flame of heat that is generated (tapas) and which cleanses and purifies the mental realm. Karma burns well in this flame of the tongue which is fueled by the opening of the heart.

*Speech arises for the purpose of communication. What is the level of conscious communication? What results are produced? Do you have the ability to listen?

*What is the quality of inner your inner talk? The voices of self criticism? judgement? worry? anxiety?

If you feel like you are often sinking due to the weight of emotions and repetitive mind stuff, sacred sound is remedial. In opening the heart and higher centers of consciousness sacred sound becomes a doorway to union, Yoga.