Welcome to Aquarian Chronicles

How blessed it is that you are here.  From my heart you are warmly welcome into the realm and I hope you enjoy the journey. Aquarian Chronicles begins an odyssey here and into the future of our planet and the life upon it now initiated on the path of epochal transformation. Among other things, Aquarius is associated with rapid change, extremes, rebellion, systems collapse and reorganizing, individuality, collective consciousness and truth.

The inspiration for this blog which began in September of of 2009 was born of an intense creative drive, a love of teaching Kundalini Yoga and the study and practices of healing arts. I have a love of teaching, of informing and helping others to help themselves. I also have an enduring appreciation of the muse and majesty of words written, chanted spoken and sung.  I am sharing wisdom with you that has been shared with me along the way in my life journey, my stories, musings and arts. 

From the beginning I felt the energies of my Aquarian sign through my gifts and challenges, my love of the stars, and the many horizons crossed on my journey. I am grateful for "Guru", (the inner guide taking me from darkness to Light.) I am grateful for the bitter medicines of my darkness and the lessons learned. I constantly experience the blessings of Spirit and the many profound graces of sweetness.

I hope these renderings will incite you to more health, happiness and wholeness.

All Love in the Divine



edmerlov said...

This is wonderful. I'm so happy to read your wise words here.

Nicki Anahata Musick said...


thank you ...

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