Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 2012

As we approach the summer season things will start to cook. I am hearing from many people regarding the pressures of the times and I will share that there are energies afoot that many are not consciously tapped into and so are at the mercy of the immense changes our planet and collective consciousness is undergoing. You may have heard of these cosmological, energetic forces as they pertain to the celestial. The orbital velocity of our galaxy has increased in speed as we move in the centripetal force towards the core of the greater galactic  system. Our sense of time and space is shifting and as we are each in our own way a micro version of the universal network. As individuals and unit microcosms of the universal system we are consciously in a greater and greater bask of our own core of light. Our collective consciousness is shifting. As a civilization we are awakening from the sleep and darkness of the ages. If you feel like something is rocking your world this is true.  If you are wondering “Am I losing my mind?” The answer is yes in a sense. Yogi Bhajan talked about these changes often in his teachings years ago, and he said that when the pressures of time and space are upon you start and they will be off. What do you start? You start with a focus from your core, which is essentially the point of view of your consciousness.  You work with the creative potential of your mind. This often begins with a change of identity; you as ‘losing it’ to you as ‘finding’ in a broader self discovery.  Challenge the entrenched habits of the light and sound of your mind. Challenge the pictures and projections of your mind, your inner talk, and your dependence on your mind. Habits are acquired and not the real you.  Changing your mind is how all else changes.

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