Friday, August 5, 2011

....Piscean Epilogue

Throughout recent his(her)story, quantum and pivotal changes in consciousness have enlightened us incrementally to varying degrees. We are no less clearing the cache in these times and times to come as human sensory faculties of perception deepen. At first there is great resistance to the new view. It is very hard to let go. The unknown and the ambiguity of outcomes challenges the security of familiarity. But it is life's ever blossoming renewal that absorbs only what is useful into itself and in the revolution trumps the resistance. All is swept straight away into the next reorganization of design and completion. Unalienable truths become evident when they are committed to experience. The old stores are revealed to be great with foolhardiness.

We are winding up the last (somewhere around 2000 + years) age known as the Piscean age. Pisces is symbolized by the two fish and like yin yang represent the opposite polarities, the dual nature of things, the light and dark of it all where we are enmeshed. In ancient code the fishes have symbolized different things in cultural milieus but here I am referring to the fish's symbology of the gathering of knowledge. I was drawn to the story of the Fisher King when I was studying the mythological treatises of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. The Fisher King is a Celtic myth and has overlays of pagan and christian origins. I came to understand the king in his masculine woundedness and his redeemer, Parsifal. I was deeply touched by a passage in the story of how the fool (our own) Parsifal, came upon a salmon (the Christ Light) scewerd on a spit over a fire. He took a taste of it and it burned him. (He eventually went on to be knighted). He could never go back to his old self again! This is the kind of burn that sheds the sleep of illusions. It gives the thirst and the search for the Grail (unity with the Divine). It is most often hard earned by the comparative study of the life lived. The fish symbolizes gnosis (spiritual knowledge) gained when logos (the mind) through its fires of adversity, is sacrificed. Through the age of Pisces the speculations of deep thought,  rationalism and logic, analysis and reason and of seeing is believing have been painstakingly gathered.

The wisdom of the ancients and modern scientific basis was kindled by the desire to connect with and understand the forces of the human body, the mind, the natural world and the movement of the heavenly bodies pondered upon in the sky above. Great volumes were written down and preserved until almost completely lost and extinguished in the crossfire of religious dogma and the body politic throughout the centuries. The ancient knowledge has been said to have originated and been in long safe keeping by women. The emergence of male infused one god, one way religions sytematically brought great destruction to the feminine id of life whereby the focus transferred to dominating and subjugating the forces of creation which the feminine represents. The override and demonization of the feminine id led to a centuries long slaughter and oppression of women and children that continues even now. Special interests in power, property and profit fueled by religious dogma and uneducated masses set the precedent for where we are today facing a widespread destruction of nature. Punitive sentencings were written into the narratives of our endstories and afterlife. These iconic forecasts of the final chapter are still today fervently embraced as our rosetta stone authorized by "God Himself" and apparently supported by a mass determination to fulfil them.

Be as it may, along the old paradigm way, it was man who made the assignment to  "God Himself". It was man who authored his own blighted identity of sin and shame his unhealed wound. So it was that it energized his behavior in the world, his kingdom never changing, unable to flourish. They, believing change could only be made in the external and by external means not knowing that the only thing truly possible to change is one’s mind, the eyes of the heart.

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