Thursday, October 27, 2011

Agni (fire)

I'll be 60 in 2012. And so for this milestone I am gifting myself with a journey to India. I have lived long enough for alot of reflection. wow. what a life I have lived. What can I say except that I have been raked over the coals? I just couldn't resist the challenge of Kundalini Yoga in this lifetime. Somewhere in my awareness I felt invincible in the face of many a daemon. I've had good karma. I have had a very strong house made out of bricks with a good foundation.

Agni, the first word of the vedas, and I haven't read too much of the vedas but I have certainly lived them. I have apparently been a fire worshipper all my life but there has been a bitter sweetness. It has made me lost for anything but the path to the Divine. I write these chronicles as an Aquarian who once felt wandering in a strange land. It was a lonely road. Many people have thought me serious and in an ivory tower, but I have really been shy alot of my life and aloof and sad for the state of things. Some think me more or less crazy but how can they judge from the vise of their crazy? They might like my kind of crazy as much as I do if they'd try it!

Still the fire in me has been my trident and I have big belly laughs. Transformation is remarkable! Fire and transformation. Aquarian Chronicles will be about transformation for quite awhile. I know about this so I would say we will have an interesting ride.

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