Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Will You Be My Valentine?

This month there is a burning thing I have to say. I'm Yours.

We are well into 2012! There are two r’s in dreary and there are two r's in February. Although February can seem ominous in grey skies, ( we will see as the weather has been fair up til now!) it's birthday time for me!  St. Brighid’s Day is in February too, when the seeds under winter's sleep quicken along with the heart's desires in anticipation of the spring tide. 

Valentine’s Day is also in February and I am reminded that the human journey is a journey of passions. By them the human heart becomes ravaged to shreds and to holes of incineration! By passions the human heart learns its requirements and comes into its sacred condition. There is the love of our attachments, our addictions, the friendships, the lust ships, the child, the woman, the man, the son, the daughter, the lover, the father, the mother, the friend, the sister and the love of many “things” and objects. We are even in love with our hates and our negatives, we can’t let go! Love knows many faces and facets.   Avatar Meher Baba said, “Being is dying by loving.” We are on a long journey of many loves that are "all about me" before arriving at the doorway to peace and inner freedom where we find a state of Love that welcomes all other loves that have been endured. This Love is the doorway to compassion and acceptance, first for one's self, because harmony among one's fellow beings is not possible without easing up on yourself. Even more so if you've been the fool who walked in where angels dare not tread a time or two!  "Other" is the reflection in life's mirror. The reflection is the projection. What do you think it is that needs to be loved? Just yours and everybody else's perfections?
May your hearts be more and more and time and again in the love of an equal friend. 

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