Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A "Secret" Knowledge of Yoga

Kundalini is the essence of Tantra and Tantra is for time. From this has arisen a body of knowledge that is ever enduring and rooted in the understanding that every individual is a microcosm of the macrocosm.  The mind and body express the universal forces as energy and matter. These forces conduct themselves in the composition and constitution of the systems of the mind and body such as through the nervous system and glandular system. These bodily systems have an affinity for the energies of the moon, sun, other stars and constellations. Through time and development Yoga practices arose in order for the individual to align with these celestial bodies, their orbital positions and cyclic movements in order to draw on their energies; to heal and spiritualize the body and mind. It was taught how to tap these energies as they manifested through the seasons, and through animal and plant life to heal and restore as well. These energies were thought to be of universal and Divine origin through Kriya or the experience of the pathways of movement and flow of these energies within. Yoga practices proceeded from this knowledge including asana, pranayama, bhandas, mantra, concentration and meditation technique. Kundalini was experienced through kriya as  integration, merger and the most refined state of the universal energy within. These experiences were recorded in a poetic and emotional language as a direct experience of the realms experienced in merger through yoga and meditation.

Many of these practices were greatly considered “secret”  only because they were not yet understood nor did many care to understand these so called mysteries. They were often reserved and forwarded by the few who safeguarded the mysteries, sharing them only with those with a thirst and propensity for understanding, or with  those ordained to receive such as a heirarchy or royal lineage. Yet there has always been a deep inborn wonder about the workings and origins regarding the phenomena of life to some degree in everyone. And so the masses extracted from the mysteries observances, rituals, and celebrations. Earlier these arose to honor the tellurian world and the dieties associated with them, to insure resources and protection. They could satisfy the queries of not knowing the unknown or seeing the unseen. They could "explain away" the mysteries of life with attached justifications for the not so endearing actions and behaviors of humanness. From these came the religions we know today. With passing time and in the deepening clefts and crises of religion, the sky gave us the intervention of a new view called Science. With the observances of such as Copernicus, himself a student of the ancients, came a posturing on a new point of origin on the circle of knowledge and understanding and so we are off onto the next round where Science, Religion and ancient knowledge will merge.

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