Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's Next?


The master of Kundalini Yoga taught that we have brought great woes upon ourselves for not being able to think. The way things are in the world is a result of this. Much good has indeed arisen when thinking is actually happening but the majority of minds are out of control so that there is more reacting and misperceiving than acting from understanding. So in order to preserve our species the human mind will have to evolve so that a new sensory perception of awareness commands. This is not a rational faculty of the mind but one that guides the rational and one that can absolve the stale habits of the ages. It is intelligence itself.  He taught that we already have it and we call it intuition. It is hardly tapped, and it is on the horizon for us to begin a deepening journey into. Meditation increases it. Women are thought to have more of it. 

We have heard through many sources and for some time that on December 21 our planet will align with the core of the milkyway.  Many prophesies and predictions of the past point to these times as a springtide of creation and a time of great destruction and dismantling. Even though these changes are hardly noticeable to us, and even though the timeline of change is ever so slow at times in our experience of all things passing, nothing will stop the thrust of this great tide. His/Herstory has been a long haul of very dramatic changes through time and as time marches on more changes lie ahead. Life will go on and great things of imagination and creation will occur as will the resistances to change. Some changes may come like a thief in the night in extreme loss or in quantum shifts of great renewal. Overall though, life goes on and most changes are not noticeable and very incremental. Among these are the changes that occur in the human mind and heart.

All of us are in it together as we as humans are born with the creative impetus and are making and writing the history true and false as we go. If we become wise, (His) story will wax into greater Her story and then, “We story”. Through awareness or by default we are “making it happen” from the inside (our minds and hearts) to the outside the “reality”.

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