Thursday, April 25, 2013

Go On and Have a Good Kriya

Kriya is known as the experience of the evolutionary mechanism and energy of Divine Light (Kundalini) moving through the obstacles of the nadis. By the idea of "obstacles of the nadis", the idea may be clarified in the expression "you are your own worst enemy." The subtle nadis are channels that correspond with the structure of the nervous system, the mains, ida (-) pingala (+) and Sushumna (core, or spinal cord) of the spine and the branches, or peripheral (nerve) channels through which Kundalini, this essence energy that is you moves.You are always on all levels of your being under the influence of this movement. It is interesting, the english word "cry" is a sound rooted in the sound of the word "kriya". What is crying but one of the greatest releases and reliefs you experience emotionally; when the obstacle is removed or in the process of it? when the dam breaks? when the victory is attained? the defeat suffered?  Not that everyone wants to go around crying all the time, but it happens. You may also throw things, anger, negativity and anxiety may be the norm.  You may experience deep seated and antagonizing emotions without being conscious of their dynamics and this is where you may find yourself caught in their recurring vortex. In this new Kundalini paradigm you are becoming conscious of your emotions and their subsequent actions. You are being prodded by evolutionary force to question your reality, with a growing awareness of how these internal dams and locks of release have only been the undoing of your old spoiled self; shorn like a lamb! chisled like stone, grist for the mill! Growing in this way is good for the fact that you realize you have had a hand in creating the misery of "reality" along with your fellow human beings. You are in cahoots, all in it together as human beings, creating the conditions whereby you must cry and throw things, or be violent subtley or grossly towards yourself and your fellow human beings. Such are the way things are. But as forementioned, Kundalini is the evolutionary mechanism and many have decided it's time to LIGHTEN up and go forward! It is now understood that through the practice of yoga and other spiritual disciplines you can drop the baggage and allow the Light of your being to grow, flow and shine as your ever radiant soul self. 

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice is based on kriya. Kriya facilitated ancient yoga and other spiritual disciplines. These revealed an understanding that the existence of the body and the mind and their workings are owed to the agency of a Divine source! In the experience of union with the Divine, the nadis are fully infused with the sublime, very likely eliciting the cry of the ecstacy of union with the Divine! Called "kriyas" sequences of yoga asana exercise, breathing techniques and sacred sound bites were downloaded  via  the enlightened minds of the yogis for working out pain, drama, emotion,and mental/physical health issues, the aspects of the psyche that block the awareness of that Divine Light within. I liken kriyas to homeopathy where you "treat like with like", for instance the "let the liver live" Kundalini kriya. The liver is said to be the organ associated with anger. You don't have to set someones house on fire or verbally berate your spouse or destroy your liver. You don't have to work things out so much on the pain and drama level of your issues or resort to drugs and substances which leave you in a more dire mental/emotional state and deteriorate your mental and physical health. You use the practice of kriyas, tools to work it out.We are not in the same environs as the ancient yogis although it may be necessary to create some time for sanctuary to sit and be with you. A constant retreat is not what most of us do. We have busy lives and roles in life to fulfill. However, you can be whoever you are and  tap into the Source and allow it to infuse your life and create the conditions for happiness in the ways all human beings have hoped for.  

People often gawk at the prospect of Kundalini disciplines or they are fearful of the unknown but I have always experienced kriyas to be user friendly. Yes it is best to find a teacher and guide who can help you move forward and knows the path well enough. Kriyas are challenging but there is something that most anyone can do, and you have the choice to work at the pace that is comfortable for you. A a little goes a long way. It's up to you. The yogic teachings state that discipline, even a little, is your best friend; the known is magnificent but the state of authentic freedom and enlightenment require you to infuse your known with the majesty and infinity of your unknown. This may sound impractical, but the aims of your life path can be expedited with more flexibility, grace and effectiveness.  By which ever way you go and grow, results vary. You may use the same amount of energy through one way (drama and pain) and then compound the amount of energy you need in order to rectify the consequences! Yogic kriya is very direct and expedient. There are a great number of Kundalini Yoga kriyas (sequential kundalini yoga techniques). You can find many of these archived on the Kundalini Research Institute website and within a great number of manuals and books that have been written based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. The master of Kundalini Yoga taught hundreds of yoga and meditation kriyas after the foundation techniques he taught.

Some of the kriyas are designed to be practiced  with natural cycles of the environment to regulate and maintenance your mind and body in concert with the natural environs around you.They gift you with the sensory perception to navigate the ups and downs of life. They are each designed for a specific mind/body effect and outcome and offer formulas or prescriptions for the systematic dismantling of your blocks and fears creating the conditions of inner freedom and health. 

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